Facilities Management Institute Skills Assessment and Planning
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This web tool includes resources, links to training and most importantly the self-assessment tool to support your need to benchmark and update your knowledge, skills and abilities as they relate to the core competencies.

GSA created a tutorial on how to use and get the most out of this site. The tutorial explains the facilities management program background, requirements, approach and how to use the site. The tutorial is recommended as the first step as it provides an overview of the facilities management program and then walks through how to use the site. To view the tutorial select this link: FBPTA Background and FMI Skills Assessment Web Tool Tutorial.

If this is your first visit to the site, you should view the video linked above and then create an account. Once you have an account on the site, you can complete a self-assessment to determine what core competencies your current qualifications map to. This assessment will help you identify any competency gaps associated with your current roles and responsibilities.

You can continue to visit this site to update your professional information as you complete your training and determine any new requirements related to the Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act.

This site will be continually updated with new training, the latest qualifications, and continuing education requirements. Check back to see the latest information!